Here's a game to find as many synonyms as possible in the given time.

It's a fun way of learning words really really fast. Every 5 minutes, a new game loads with 20 new words for which you need to find the synonyms.

There's only one right answer for each word. The first letter of each synonym is provided along with the number of letters in that word. You have 4 minutes to crack as many synonyms as you can. For each correct word, you score points depending on the length of that word.

Additionally you have an option to reveal the 2nd, 3rd and the 4th letter of the word also for some words. But this will fetch you a negative point for each letter revealed. At the end of 4 minutes you can see your ranking among all the people around the globe who just played the same game!

The Grand Synonymizer Challenge

This challenge happens every Sunday at 11.30 AM IST for 25 minutes. You will be playing 5 games back to back upto 11.55 PM.

At the end of the challenge, the person with the HIGHEST points in these 5 games will be the declared as the WINNER right here on the home page and will stay on the home page for one week until the next week's challenge begins.

Please Note: The winner would be declared within a few seconds after the challenge.